Client Testimonials

I had the pleasure of training with Kristine Crump while I was taking a Summer break from distance running. I’d been told how cross-training and weight lifting are essential to becoming a better runner and I was ready to try it out. Kristine is poised, patient and attentive in how she trains clients. She makes sure to push you for growth but also listens and adjusts when necessary so you won’t get discouraged. I always felt I had a through head-to-toe workout with Kristine and saw my strength improve in ways I hadn’t been able to achieve on my own. I fully endorse Kristine and her business!

– Saira John

I had gotten considerably out of shape over the past couple of years and started working out with Kristine to get myself jump started again. She has been very patient and encouraging in getting me back to building the strength I need. My knees had gotten to where I couldn’t climb stairs without a lot of pain. Now, a few months later, I can do the stairs without the railing and without pain. She is very knowledgeable on training methods and continues to push my fitness forward, covering eating plans and fitness routines. I’ve lost both inches and pounds and am stronger than ever, with a path to keep me that way. Thanks, Kristine!

-Suzanne Logan

I’ve been training with Kristine for 6 months. She is kind, honest, patient and really keeps me motivated. Her background in nursing makes her a cut above other trainers. Her gym is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to working out with her. I’ve become stronger and leaner but most importantly I have a better understanding of strength training. I feel not only that my physical body has been strengthened, but also my character; as my self discipline has also been strengthened through her instruction.

-Rene Thomas

Kristine does a great job setting up programs so you’re continually improving without getting discouraged or bored. She helps you define and achieve fitness goals with emphasis on health and wellness. She is a lot of fun to work with–not intimidating, but she’s gotten me doing things I’ve resisted doing for years. She’s very positive, calm, and has a great sense of humor.

-Elizabeth A

Kristine at Straight Fitness is Amazing! I have done her online workout for 2 months and have lost inches, weight, and gained muscle. I highly recommend Kristine if you are looking for someone to help you reach your health and fitness goals in 2019.

-Rebecca Brown

Love Straight Fitness. I’ve been healthy all my life but couldn’t figure out post-40 weight gain. Kristine quickly helped solve the problem and I’m feeling as good as ever.

-Jennifer R

If you’re thinking about a personal trainer, then look no further. Kristine with Straight Fitness is a world-class personal trainer. She provides the perfect combination of encouragement, knowledge, and accountability. I first started working out with Kristine when recovering from an injury. Lack of activity from the injury had led me to poor conditioning and the addition of unwanted pounds on top of already excess weight. Under Kristine’s training plan and nutritional guidance, in six short months I dropped 30 pounds (almost entirely fat loss) and my fitness is the best it has been in years. I’ve met numerous performance goals (pushups, anyone?). Her coaching will help you make the difference between excuses and success. Run, don’t walk (okay maybe you can walk for now, but you’ll be running and skipping in no time) to sign up with Kristine.

– Leslie P

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